Add note

A comment containing a link to Coderbyte report will be added to the candidate in your ATS.

Growhire will add a comment to the Candidate in your ATS.

Depending on the Workflow trigger, the note will contain:

Note content
“Assessment finished” or “Interview finished”
A link to Coderbyte report
“Assessment scorecard updated” or “Interview scorecard updated”
A link to Coderbyte report, alongside the scorecard recommendation result (thumb up or down) or a comment from the reviewer

Depending on your ATS, if you have multiple candidates with the same email address, Growhire may add the same note to all of the “duplicate” candidates.

Please note that this action will work successfully only if the email address provided by candidate in Coderbyte matches a candidate email in your ATS.

The “Add note” action has no configuration options.