Applicant moved to stage

This will trigger a workflow when a candidate is moved to the specified stage within the selected job.

In many Applicant Tracking Systems, every job has a unique set of pipeline stages, hence it’s important to always select the job first, and then pick the stage.

Trigger workflow for any job

For some integrations it’s possible to define “any job” as an option for the “job” field. It means that this trigger will start a workflow if a candidate is moved to the selected stage regardless of which job they applied to.

This feature is currently supported only for SmartRecruiters.

SmartRecruiters hiring processes

Due to limitations of SmartRecruiters API, Growhire is unable to check which Hiring Process is applied to a given job. Hence in order to see a list of stages, select a hiring process from the dropdown first. If the job does not belong to the selected hiring process, the workflow will not be executed.