Connecting Greenhouse

Connecting Greenhouse

Connecting Greenhouse

Growhire offers two types of Greenhouse integration, both of them require a different set of credentials and additional setup.

For Workflows integration

Growhire can automatically perform predefined actions when some events occur in your Greenhouse account. Read more about Workflows here: Creating a WorkflowCreating a Workflow .

Credentials setup

Workflows integration requires you to configure the last two fields of the integration settings page.


Refer to this Greenhouse help article on how to create a new Harvest API Key.

When creating the API Key, make sure to select the following permissions:

  • Job Openings:
    • Get: List Openings For a Job
  • Applications:
    • Get: Retrieve Application
    • Post: Moves Application to Job
    • Post: Move Application
    • Get: List Applications
  • Jobs:
    • Get: List Jobs
    • Get: Retrieve Job
  • Candidates:
    • Post: Add Note
    • Get: List Candidates
    • Get: Retrieve Candidate
  • Job Posts:
    • Get: Retrieve Job Post for Job
    • Get: List Job Posts for Job
    • Get: List Job Posts
  • Job Stages:
    • Get: Retrieve Job Stage
    • Get: List Job Stages for Job
    • Get: List Job Stages
  • Activity Feed:
    • Get: Retrieve Activity Feed

Paste that newly created API key in the Harvest API Key field in Growhire.

Then go back to Greenhouse, click the cog icon, go to Users and create a new user that will be a bot user for performing actions as Growhire.

As the user's email enter an email address to which you have access to.

Then scroll down to the permissions section and assign the "Site Admin" permission level.


Granting admin permissions is necessary in order to avoid integration issues.

The scope of Growhire actions will be still remain by the API Key permissions.

After inviting and configuring the user, go to this user edit settings and get this user ID from the browser URL:


Paste this ID into the User ID field in Growhire. This is required by Greenhouse for auditing purposes.

Webhook setup

In order to receive notifications from Greenhouse, we need a webhook to be set up between Greenhouse and Growhire. Read more about webhooks in Greenhouse here.

Go to the Webhook settings page in Greenhouse and create a new webhook following the instructions displayed in your Growhire dashboard:


Make sure to provide exactly the same Endpoint URL and Secret key.

Click Connect. Growhire is now receiving instant notifications about stage changes in Greenhouse.


Please note that due to technical limitations, Greenhouse data is synchronized with up to a 30-minute delay. Therefore, if you add a new job or configure a new stage in Greenhouse, it may not be immediately visible in your Growhire Workflows dashboard.

When using Career Page

This allows Growhire to fetch a list of available job openings and display it on your Career Page. Additionally it enables candidates to apply to your jobs via Growhire.

This type of integration requires Job Board API Key.

Please follow this Greenhouse help article to generate a new Job Board API Key.

Make sure to select API Type as "Job Board" and provide a meaningful description like "Growhire integration".

After creating the API Key, you should have it your clipboard or stored on your device.

Go back to your Growhire dashboard and go to Settings > ATS (under Integrations) and click Connect below the Greenhouse logo.

For this type of integration, you need to provide only the first two values: Account slug and Job Board API Key.


Account slug is a part of your Greenhouse Job Board URL.

In the Job Board API Key paste the previously generated API key.

Click Connect at the bottom of the page and your Career Page should now display all your Greenhouse jobs.