Connecting Workable

Connecting Workable

Connecting Workable

Growhire offers two types of Workable integration, however they require similar configuration.

First, follow the instructions detailed in this Workable Help Center article.

Once you have your API key, navigate to your Growhire dashboard and go to Settings > ATS (under Integrations) and click Connect below the Workable logo.


Step 1

Enter your Workable account subdomain in the first field. Learn more about finding your subdomain here.

Step 2

Paste your Workable API Key in the API Key field.

Click Connect.

Step 3 (required to use Workflows)

Do this only if you are planning to use Growhire Workflows.

Select a Workable user who will be listed as an author of candidate updates performed by Growhire. This means that when Growhire adds a comment to a candidate or moves them to another stage, it will appear as if these actions were performed by the selected user.

Once you select a user from the dropdown, click the Update button. You’re all set.